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Ben explaining life?

It’s been a while

Posted by discojoevx on April 4, 2007

Yes it’s been a long time since I last posted. I kinda felt that I had nothing much to say. I still got nothin’…


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And then?..

Posted by discojoevx on November 6, 2006

Wow, still nothing much going on. The pageant went well and I got extremely bored at an army gig on the weekend. It was a celebration of the 90th Aniversary of the formation of the RSL. I probably should have been proud to be there etc but it was the second weekend in a row playing at a memorial service which means for me sitting around doing nothing until we play the national anthem, pack up and go home. The only reason I object to these gigs is because of the time and money i waste going to these things. I drive a total of about one and a half hours just getting there and back. Then I get onto the bus and travel however far to get to the gig- the weekend before last we went to Narracoorte, 4 hours each way! Then I sit around and do nothing while the hymns are played by the rest of the band, play a couple of drum rolls for AAF then sit down again, wait for the end of the service, pack up and go home. Very unfulfilling. I’ve done too many of those gigs this year. I realise they’re part of the job and an important one but I wish there was either more involvment for me or none at all so I wouldn’t have to be there. Maybe I’m just bored though because Lucky Seven has had gigs cancelled on the last couple of weekends and I’m feeling unstimulated.

Speaking of Lucky Seven (www.luckysevenswing.tk – check out our Myspace page as well, acessible from our home page.) we’re trying to plan a trip to Melbourne. Every step forward though seems to take half a step back. We know venues that are interested in having us there but noone wants to help us organise such a trip. We can’t get any agents to help out either here or in Melbourne. Jase is working pretty hard on it but he has full time work and a family to look after too. I am keen to go but don’t want to get too excited about it in case it doesn’t happen.

Everything else seems to be same ol’, same ol’. Still two months to beach mission so no excitement there yet. Man I’m just bored. A dangerous place to be ‘cos I get restless easily.

Anyway I’m done for now…

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Nothing to see here!

Posted by discojoevx on October 30, 2006

That’s right folks, I really have nothing to say at the moment. My life has been reasonably mundane of late. Not many gigs, not much work. I went to Narracoorte on the weekend for an army gig. I travelled 8 hours on a bus to play a couple of drum rolls that wouldn’t have been missed if they weren’t there. The annual Christamas pageant is this weekend. Thankfully it won’t be too hot but there are possible showers. I’ve started rearranging my room. Helping my sisters move made me realise what a job I’ll have when I eventually leave home so I’ve started boxing some stuff up but a lot of the junk I have is paperwork… I think.

Wow that was boring… right oh then!

That’s enough, go read something else

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Feeling old?

Posted by discojoevx on October 2, 2006

I wonder if it’s the same for other people my age. I feel very young. I don’t know if it’s because I still live at home or because I don’t have a 9-5 job or what but I certainly don’t feel 26. Then again, I don’t really know how other 26 y/olds feel about their status in society and among their friends. I know that among my friends I seem very nieve and I probably am compared to them. I keep thinking that maybe once I buy a house or get engaged or even married I might feel more my age but I don’t know.

I guess this all comes from how I percieve other people and how I saw them when I was younger. When I was in high school anyone that had graduated and was at uni or working or whatever seemed mature and in control of their lives. I developed an idea of how a person that age must feel about themselves, how a person that age would fit in society, how other people would treat them. I guess I feel that other people don’t see me that way.

Some people feel older than they are. Some feel younger. I just feel like I’m off to the side somewhere.

Anyway I’m done…

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Monday again

Posted by discojoevx on September 11, 2006

Yes I realise it’s been a couple of weeks since my last post. Sorry to those who actually read it. It’s hard to keep up with so many things going on. And I’ve managed to pick up another bug which left me a little dopey on Fri night. I’ve still got many gigs and things coming up. I’ve started a new arrangement for Redbacks and the boss at army wants me to put together a “Stomp” routine (think Tapdogs) and a drum corp display like the one at the huge concert we did earlier this month. My inner response to this was- When do I have the time to actually think about this, let alone do it- and my outer response was of course, Yes. Why can’t I use that little word ‘No’. It seems to be out of my vocabulary when talking to people who want me to do stuff.

Also It’s my girlfriends birthday today so Happy Bithday to you! Anyway I’m not feeling particularly inspired by anything else at the moment and I’ll sign off here because-

That’s enough for now.

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Keep those flags waving…

Posted by discojoevx on August 23, 2006

Well we’ve finally moved on to broadband. Don’t ask me any questions about it. All I know is I plugged it in and it worked first go. Ergo: I am a Genius. There, I’ve said it. It had to be said though. You can tell my Genius status by the appropriate use, of punctuation!! (That one’s for you K!) What a world we live in.

I’ve just spent about an hour watching silly things on www.youtube.com watching guys dance on treadmills, cats being forced to exercise and people making rockets from Mentos and Diet Coke. What a world we live in.


Watch it if you can, it’s worth every second. Even on Dial-up.

I heard discussions on the radio today about people burning flags. Apparently a guy who stole a flag from the RSL and then burnt it during the Cronulla riots earlier this year was in court this week. It’s prompted much discussion about freedom of speech and democracy and treason. Is burning a flag a treasonous act or is it just a way of expressing ‘that right’ which we all cling to in the hope that it exists?

I can see it from both sides but I still think it’s wrong. If you burn the flag of a country then in my eyes you are saying that you want that country destroyed just like that flag. From this view then flag burning is treason and should be punished. Others say, however, that the flag is only a piece of cloth coloured with a few dyes in the right spots so burning it doesn’t really mean anything. It comes back down to the whole symbol or fact arguement. Whether the flag is the country or only something that is waved to say where we are from. Even then it seems to me to be a rejection of all we believe in to be burning even ‘just a symbol of where we are from.’

Anyway, the fact remains that he stole the flag in the first place and that is a crime so he shouldn’t get away with it. We’ll see what happens to him.

Enough already!

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Posted by discojoevx on August 11, 2006

It’s been a while since I’ve posted but I have an excuse! I’ve been busy. There, that’s it.

We had a massive gig with the Army band last weekend which really occupied much of ni thinking time even though I didn’t end up playing much. The ‘Proms’ are coming up at the end of the month so time is going to be taken up preparing for that. I’ve also been transcribing old scores for army using my lovely laptop which has been great because I get to see how other composers and arrangers put together their pieces. I found out last Tues that we also have a big band gig at the show this year. It’ll be the first time our band has performed there for many years. It should be good but hopefully won’t clash with the Redbacks perfomances during the main arena show.

I have a gig tonight, a wedding tomorrow and more gigs next fri and sat and our usual Wed night at the casino with Lucky 7. Things are a little rocky at the moment with Lucky 7 because of the sax boys being less committed to the band than the rest. This includes deciding they won’t do gigs after we have already accepted them. I don’t think we shoud ever cancel gigs because it’s not good practice and sets up a precedent. Anyway it’s just another example of the committment levels of the sax boys. They don’t seem to understand how important the band is to me and the others.

My Girlfriend has moved back to Adelaide so I won’t need to traipse dowm to Victor Harbor any more. Probably a good thing because my new car (a mitsubishi magna station wagon) uses more fuel than my old camry. We’ve still seen very litle of each other though because we tend to work when the other isn’t. Hopefully we can work something out.

Anyway, that’s definitely enough blabbing for now…

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Cars and the pox of chickens

Posted by discojoevx on July 24, 2006

Okay, so not absolutely everybody was sick, it just seemed that way! I got off quite lightly in comparrison to others. Poor Craig from my band spent Fri and sat in bed before coming out to a gig at the Hyatt Sat night. He wasn’t in good shape. Jase our singer wasn’t feeling great either. It turns out he has caught the chicken pox! That means his kids have probably got it too.

Yes, it’s time to buy a new car. My poor old camry has too many things wrong with it to keep it running. The clutch finally gave out again (the third time since I’ve owned the car) and it didn’t seem worth spending the money getting it fixed again. I spent most of last week looking at various car yards trying to find a manual Station Wagon. Still quite rare as I discovered when I bought the camry. Anyway I still need a week before I can scrape the money together including money from Lucky Seven gigs in May and June which haven’t been paid yet.

Anyway, that’s enough wingeing for now…

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Everyone is sick

Posted by discojoevx on July 12, 2006

Everyone is sick. I am too. Not happy.

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Time to rest

Posted by discojoevx on July 3, 2006

I was just sitting here, deciding what track I should take in today’s entry. In the background I could here an episode of ‘Scrubs’. My sister loves the show and watches it every week without fail. It was interesting timing because the episode dealt with the passing of a patient who was somewhat of a favourite in the hospital. The reason I say the timing was interesting is because my godmother passed away on Friday.

On the show they mentioned, as did “The Simpson’s” and various other shows, the stages of grief people go through when someone dies. You know the ones; denial, acceptance, depression etc. I wondered where I was up to. I also wondered why I had struggled more with Di’s imminent passing than I had of my own grandparents. It seemed bazaar. Is it because of a fear of cancer or just a fear of death that has grown now that I am older? Is it because she was younger than my grandparents when they died so it is harder to accept her passing?

Her funeral is on Wednesday.

That’s enough for now.

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